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Reduce the costs of illiteracy in your company?

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Date:  13 september 2017
Time: 15.00- 18.00
Place: Habitat
Language: English

Illiteracy on Bonaire is still a problem and influences a lot of lives and also the economy. If you have a company you probably also have to deal with it. Al the companies on Bonaire have to deal with employees who have difficulties to read instructions, understand work orders, working with work orders or even reading their salary slip or the invitation for a company party. They are partly excluded from their work environment. This can result in making mistake in orders they have to do, not fill in workorders or just show up on the right place. Even if they have very good skills. People most of the time don’t tell about their illiteracy. So there is a job for you as a businessowner with as result cost reduction in place and perhaps a higher revenue because the recognition and the remedy is sometimes easy and helps you as a business and the employee in his own life. This seminar tells you the what and how to deal with it.


  • The facts and figures about illitracy on Bonaire
  • What is the impact of illiteracy for the economy?
  • of Bonaire and your company?
  • How can you recognize illiteracy?
  • What can you do as employer?

In three brief presentations you will get answers on what every employer should know about illiteracy.

  1. You will learn about it’s hidden costs like absence through illness and cost of malfunction of your illiterate employees.
  2. But also the costs for the Bonaire economy and tourism industry.
  3. You will learn how to recognize illiteracy in your company and how to treath it and reduce the costs of it.

We have limited availability because this is a funded program. So make sure to reserver your seat today at:

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